Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...

 Trip to Hico.  The famous Koffe Kup!  Chicken Fried Steak, yum!!!
 The Homestead antique shop in Hico.  Fantastic!!!!

 The cemetery where most of the Cook and Hedrick family (my Dad's side) are resting in Walnut Springs.
 A very cool pole lamp I bought in Oklahoma City.
 My three sweet peas in a pod!!
My sister, Karen and I at the Koffee Kup.  (she's on the left)

Outside Cowboy Up in Calvert, Texas.   Bought some great cowboy items there.  There are many great stores in Calvert.  Unfortunately, they were not open when I went through.

Just some of the highlights of my trip to my great home state of Texas.  My sister and I also went antiquing in Waxahachie where I got to go (and buy many wonderful things) in The Crafty Scrapper!  I antiqued all the way from Indiana to Texas and back!  I'll post pictures of some of the "finds" soon.