Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Trip, Part 2

 A rest stop in Texas.  This shot is looking up at one of the giant walls of the entrance.
 Outside of the entrance is an artfully arranged rock garden... of Death!
Sunset coming into Albuquerque.  Just before going down the mountain.  In the dark.  Riding the brake the whole way!  Scary!
Me and the Boys at a rest stop somewhere in Arizona (I think)

Part 3 coming soon.  Thanks for visiting!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Trip, Part 1

Hello from California!!
Made it here 3 weeks ago today.  Whew, what a trip!
Just getting to blog today, finally!

This is the RV, we drove from Indy, on the day before we left.  This was also my view the whole trip.  Geez!  I was so sick of these people by the time we got here!  I was actually making up scenarios about their lives since this picture was taken 30 years ago (obviously taken in the early '80's, stonewashed jeans!)
Sorry, I digress.

Here is a pic of the dogs, in their assigned seats (as chosen by Allie)
Boo and Henry on left and Allie on the right

Boo, Co-Pilot

Part 2 coming soon.  Thanks for visiting!