Wednesday, July 25, 2012


In an area of our neighborhood where I walk the dogs, there are blackberry vines poking through a fence.
I usually pick off one and eat it as we pass by.  Yesterday I got smart and brought a little bag with me.
But, there are a lot more berries on the other side of the fence... out of reach.
So I went to the house where the berries were growing to ask the owners if they were going to pick them.  A young boy (13-14 y/o) came out.  He was babysitting his siblings.  He said "Who are you?!"  I explained that I lived up the street and asked if they were going to pick the blackberries.  "Oh, yeah.  We pick them" he said.  Sure they do.  As I left I heard him knocking on his door.  His siblings locked him out of the house.
I had a good chuckle over that.

Friday, July 20, 2012

SOP progress update

In the last couple of weeks I have managed to accomplish a few more tasks from my SOP list.
SOP stands for Summer Of Projects started by the Sweet Sherri over at Foziewisp

Paint the front door (it was white and chipped), scrub the floor mat that goes in the kitchen and unpack two boxes (that have been sitting in the living room for 3 months!)
Door black, check.  Floor mat cleaned and drying, check.  Two boxes emptied and ready to be recycled, check.

I also hung up a bunch of my framed artsy-fartsy photos that I have taken over the years.
I have more to frame and add to this wall.  I also hung up a lot of other art and bulletin boards and such.  Part of cleaning out one of the boxes.

So onward, back to my list.  My sister and brother-in-law are coming to visit for two weeks in August!

I'll leave you with this happy picture
Got this idea from a pic I saw over at Oddman a fun and quirky site (that we're addicted to)

So, have a great day, y'all, really!!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

SOP (summer of projects)

I'm joining/supporting Sherri over at  Foziewisp
with her Summer of Projects challenge.  I have my list (oh gawd) and this was the first to be accomplished.
The back door.  In all fairness, the door was already messed up by the previous tenets.  Our dogs didn't help.
So, I figured the best way to make it look better was to paint it with black enamel paint.  Covers a multitude of sins, right?
Seems Callie likes to be in the (all) pictures

MUCH better (if I say so myself)
BUT...  When I went inside to put the paint brush in a plastic bag (1.5 minutes tops) Boo "seized" the paint stir stick out of the can and drug it off into the yard.  Thus leaving paint on the deck and his paws.  Yeah.
I had not spilled one drop on the deck but now it seems I will have to paint that too.
BTW (really good info!) Instant antibacterial hand sanitizer gel works GREAT to remove enamel paint from skin and PAWS!
Next project is painting the front door (while keeping the cats from escaping).