Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Nasturtium.  In a jar of water yearning to be planted outside.

 Primrose.  Yearning to be pink.
We planted three primrose plants in the front flower bed.  They were all orange.  This one, however decided that it would rather be pink.  Perhaps it's because it is planted beneath the camellia bush that has pink blooms.

This is the color it started out as.  Not too pretty right now because it took a beating in the wind and rain we had yesterday.  Also, some critter ate all the first blooms and it's making a comeback.

Ahhh, spring color.  Need it now.  Tired of the rain.
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Monday, March 19, 2012


We've all seen them.  The decals on the back windows of mini vans and other family-type vehicles.  Stick figures of Dad, Mom, Kids and pets depicting the "family" unit.
But... this is the best so far!!!
Even the fish in the bowl got into the action! 
Pay no attention to my claw-like hands grasping the camera in the bottom of the pic.

Love this!  Mostly cuz it's better than different!


This ambitious little flower made its way up and out of a four foot hedge.  Can you imagine the stalk it's on?
Bloom where you're planted (or seeded).

 Right on little flower!  I admire you!