Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Weirdness and Oddities

Everytime I leave the house or in some cases just sit on the front steps of the house I encounter "Weirdness and Oddities".   Examples:
Over the last several weeks, during my walks, there have been random sightings of oranges (citrus fruit) on the street, in gutters and yards.  Hum.

Woman talking on cell phone:  "Hey, tell them I'm Catholic, maybe we'll get an upgrade"

Two men jogging by my house:  "I wanted to get the pistol grip one but she said that's not what she wanted"

Woman driving car by the boardwalk at the beach and a man repeatly yelling out the passenger window "HAVE A NICE DAY!"   (I thought of the line from the Beatles song "she takes him out to look at the queen, he always shouts out something obscene")

The best one (of many) was last week at the beach.  A woman standing at the waters edge.  Clapping out a beat and singing.  She then found two sticks and continued her "routine".  At first I thought she was doing a cheer then maybe a pep dance.  Forty-five minutes later, it was a true Rogers and Hammerstein musical.  I casually strolled past trying not to stare though I don't think it would have matter to the woman.  She was in her "zone" (own world).  I went to the cafe for a sandwich and when I came back she was gone.  Finished or exhausted?  Who knows.

It's wonderful here and always interesting.  Yeah.

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  1. Well, you ARE in California now! Land of, um, "eccentrics."