Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Missing Texas

I used to live in Waco.  Where Pat was from and hung out before he got famous.  His (early) songs were quintessential Texas and have and always will speak to my Texas Soul.
Funny side note.  My ex-husband designed the Billy Bob's logo.  Long, interesting story.


  1. Girl, that song made me cry!! Thanks for the post! T:)

  2. Speaking of Texans, we just saw Jimmie Dale Gilmore last night, who I adore. Also: going to Round Top and Austin in October, woo hoo! Yay, Texas (B.'s parents and two of his bros live in Dallas area).

    BTW, the dreaded word verification thingies are still turned on on this blog...

    1. OMG! There I said something about the word verification and I didn't turn it off on my second blog!!!! Thank you so much for pointing that out to me!!!! So very sorry!!!!!
      And, OMG (if I could bold that and underline it and expand the font size I would!) You get to go to Round Top!!!!!!! (and Austin!) You lucky, LUCKY Girl!!!!! I am so very... well bless your heart *sigh, little tear down my left cheek* You must take a ton of pics (I love your style and subjects) and tell me every detail!!! I mean it!!!