Monday, October 1, 2012

Gopher, Gopher... Who's got the Gopher?

I had a gopher, maybe more.  It destroyed my front yard and drove the dogs crazy in the backyard.  Seriously, my backyard looks like a war zone with all the tunnels/fox holes they have dug chasing after the critter.  In the front yard I tried traps (only attracted a million ants, ew).   I tried flooding the holes with water.  I tried those stakes that vibrate and make buzzing noises.  It dug right up to the stake and covered it with dirt!  Luckily, I got my money back on those things (guaranteed).
Then one night we had a visit from a skunk in the backyard.  Allie (aka Puppers) didn't get sprayed but she walked into a cloud of spray.  And, of course came back inside immediately.  Goodie.
That got me to thinking about the time back in the 80's that I lived in the middle of a ranch, in an old house that had been vacant for many years.  That winter we were "visited" by 37 skunks!!!!!!!  Yes, 37!  Then we figured out a way to get rid of the critters.
Good part, listen up!
MOTH BALLS.  They can't stand the smell.  Sprinkled them all around the house and never saw another skunk.  IMPORTANT INFORMATIONmoth balls are poisonous.  So here's what you do.  1. NEVER put them where pets can dig them up and eat them!  2. "Plant" them in the ground where the gopher holes/tunnels are.  It's a good idea to wear gloves also.  3. Do not leave them on top of the ground for birds or other animals to get to.  PLANT them.  Around your flower beds, in your potted plants (gets rid of munching bugs) along your fence line, around your rose bushes... anywhere gophers, skunks and bugs get.  GOOD NEWS:  it doesn't harm plants or grass!!!
The only thing to remember is to bury them in the ground.
Mothballs are not available in the really smelly version anymore but the ones you can get still do the job.  $3.99 to $4.99 a box.  Not bad.

Hope this helps!

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