Thursday, June 3, 2010

Ace Reid, Cartoonist

I love to spend time (hours) in antique stores.  Among the many things I am on the look out for are vintage cowboy items.  Needless to say they are rare up here.  But, down in Columbus, IN, in an antique mall, I happened upon these two gems!  I have been a fan of Ace Reid's cartoons since I first saw them on a calendar for The Rio Vista Bank.  That's the Cowpasture Bank in Rio Vista for those who are not familiar and for those who are!  At any rate, these little books are copyrighted 1961 and 1962 and are in great condition.  I got them both for $12.00!!  They even have lines on the outside back cover where you could mail the book
just fill in the lines and add postage, no package needed.  Remember those days?
So, I bought these for my son in Texas but, I intend to enjoy them in the meantime.  I hope you will look up Ace and read about his wonderful life and humor.

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