Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My Big Boys

Henry making himself at home on Allie's pillow.  Allie is outside unaware of the interlopers in her domain.  Couldn't catch a still pic of Boo.  He was too busy trying to get close to the cats.
Went to the vet for booster shots last week.  Henry gained 14 lbs and Boo gained 12 lbs IN FIVE WEEKS!  The vet thinks they are going to be "large for their breed".  Ya think??  Wonder if Daddy was a St. Bernard?  Their hair is getting longer and wavy and gray.  Don't know why gray.  Maybe some blue?
Really, really long icicles outside the window!  Approx. 3 ft!   Geez.  I'm getting tired of winter.  But, I'd rather have snow than rain.  With everyone tracking through the house, I'm constantly cleaning the floors.
Thanks for looking!


  1. At first I misread that as "gained 14 pounds in one week"--just like me at Christmas, ha! (Not really, but it rather feels that way...) Super cute boys!