Sunday, January 9, 2011

These are the times that try...

Puppy Central Update

So.  After cleaning the room...  This is one hour later.  Note all the chew toys.  For some reason they "choose" to chew up one puppy training pad out of every five.
See the hole in the wall under the window.  They pulled out the insulation there.  Rubbing it with hot sauce...pheff.  Rubbing it with soap... good!
They are actually getting a lot better.  Sleeping longer at night without "accidents",  barking when they want to go out and no inside poops in weeks!  But.  Puberty has hit.  Poor Boo is "break dancing" around the floor and is very confused about the whole uncontrollable urges.  Will schedule neutering at next vet visit.
Oh, and yes, we are keeping them.  Hubby came home over Christmas vacation and fell in love with them.  And then left.  HA!
So, to paraphrase Thomas Paine:  These are the times that try mothers souls.  It's a good thing I'm so patient and a very good thing they are so cute and smart!

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  1. Head has exploded from the cute--and naughtiness! Reminds me of our previous dog, Elektra (shar-pei), who ate EVERYTHING, mostly concentrating on things made of paper but expanding her repertoire to wooden doors, cassette tapes, and sponges.