Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Big Day

Neuter Day.  Poor Guys!
Henry lying down, Boo on the left.
Two groggy unhappy guys!
"Cone head sucks, Mom!!!"
By the way, Henry weighed 40.7 and Boo, 32.  Think they are slowing down, thankfully!  They also got microchips and PennHip x-rays for canine hip dysplasia diagnosis, which you can check out here:
Since I found them abandoned on the road I have no idea about their parents or history.  The vet suggested this procedure to better know how to care and exercise them for the future.  I suspect that Henry may have the trait (cow hocked) and would not be surprised if Boo did also, being litter mates.  Just want to do right by them and keep them healthy and happy guys!

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  1. Sweet boys! Argh, those cones...could anything make a dog more miserable? Poor babies. They're lucky to have such a loving and caring mom! And they are SOOOO gorgeous!