Sunday, April 10, 2011

Prom Season

As some of you may know, I work for a florist in town.  Spring means high school prom season.  So, we are busy gearing up for it.  It's a mixture of cute, comical and stressful.  This applies in this order:  cute girls, comical boys and stressful mothers.

At this time I am reminded of my first Prom.  It was in 1971.  Very different from the proms now days!  I was a sophomore and my boyfriend (and future ex-husband) was a senior.  The proms were held in the gym which was decorated by the juniors.  Girls carried nosegays instead of wearing corsages.  I came across this ad from Al's Formal Wear.  It's too funny (now)!
The Hot-Rodder
Classic.  Love the hair!  Is this what my date wore?  No.  This is the one he chose:
The Chopper
Yeah.  Because it matched my dress color.  And yes, he had the ruffled shirt.  Read the descriptions.  "The fastest chick in town"  Really!!!!  Actually, his hair looked quite like this model's hair (it's all gone now)

Fun times!!!!
Thanks for looking and commenting!


  1. Oh, hilarious! My ninth-grade prom date wore a baby blue tux with a lavender ruffled shirt. Oh yes he did!